Made some progress on my first unit of Perry Crusaders after taking time off for finals and term papers.  I’ve noticed a few things I have forgotten to do-little mistakes here and there, such as some bosses need to be fixed, but mostly minor stuff.

Latest Crusaders 004

The unit as it stands now, 20 men strong.  Wordpress is being a total pain, so I have uploaded more pictures to my Picassa album here.  Just click on the “WAB Crusader” folder.


I’m finally going to get some painting done today and will post some pics tonight!

Started work on my front rank which includes a leader/standard bearer/musician.  I love these figs!





The last pic is my new basing scheme, which was encouraged by feedback at the WAB Forum.

Here are some pics of my first six finished crusader spear.  I’ve got the front rank ready to be primed, so keep checking back!



Finished up the clothing on my first batch.  I plan on painting up the bases tonight before starting on shield.


Thank you to everyone who has commented either here or over at the Steve Dean forum!  Tonight I managed to paint up the spears and the leather work (except the shoes), and also blocked in the trousers.  I also did a bit of touch up on some of the helmets.



After the trousers are finished I can move on to the shields. 🙂

As promised, I ordered my first pack of Perry Crusaders and received them in just eight days directly from the Perrys!  I ordered a pack of standing spearmen to get started.  After cleaning them up (there was very little to clean up) I glued them to their bases and base coated them with a water mix of GW Chaos Black and Renaissance Inc. black ink.  I kept it thin since these figures are all mailed and most of the figure bodies would simply be dry brushed.  I sped up the drying process by using a hair dryer. 😉


Next up, I drybrushed a layer of GW Boltgun Metal with a final drybrush of GW Chainmail.


I really wanted to avoid a real shiny look, preferring a more rough iron finish–I think I achieved it.  Next up was flesh and hair on one of the bearded chaps.


You’ll undoubtably notice that the left hands are a bit sloppy.  This is because they will be covered by shields! :p



At the end of the day I decided to paint a bit of clothing.




The day’s work. 🙂