As promised, I ordered my first pack of Perry Crusaders and received them in just eight days directly from the Perrys!  I ordered a pack of standing spearmen to get started.  After cleaning them up (there was very little to clean up) I glued them to their bases and base coated them with a water mix of GW Chaos Black and Renaissance Inc. black ink.  I kept it thin since these figures are all mailed and most of the figure bodies would simply be dry brushed.  I sped up the drying process by using a hair dryer. 😉


Next up, I drybrushed a layer of GW Boltgun Metal with a final drybrush of GW Chainmail.


I really wanted to avoid a real shiny look, preferring a more rough iron finish–I think I achieved it.  Next up was flesh and hair on one of the bearded chaps.


You’ll undoubtably notice that the left hands are a bit sloppy.  This is because they will be covered by shields! :p



At the end of the day I decided to paint a bit of clothing.




The day’s work. 🙂